Foundation Board

Albert Gnand, Chair of the Board

Albert Gnand has been on the Board since 2009, and has acted as chair since 2011. His great ambition is to support youth education. He has profound knowledge in finance due to his former experience in the field of corporate education in a Swiss bank.

Beatrice Gallin

The two years as a student of the Ecole have shaped the further life of Beatrice Gallin. She is motivated to contribute with her ideas to the development of the Ecole d'Humanité. She says it's a priviledge to be part of this process.

Christel Grünenwald

Christel Grünenwald is a former teacher at the Ecole and a dedicated educator.

Walter Brandenberger

Walter Brandenberger knows the Ecole because he is a former Ecolianer. He is a retired top manager in the field of consumption goods and brings to the Board a strategic approach and experience in economic and social project management.


Alain Richard

Alain Richard has a life long relationship to friends and donors of the Ecole. He is now semi retired and has time to contribute to the fundraising effort. He was a student at the Ecole from 1965 to 1967 and has been a Mitarbeiter for the last 40 years. He represents the board of trustees in the foundation.

Benno Breitenmoser is motivated by the prospect of supporting young people’s development into independent and thoughtful individuals.


Beatrice Gallin