What Donors Make Possible

In 1999, eight founding members laid the groundwork for the Ecole Foundation through an initial donation. Their vision was, and is, to support the Ecole d’Humanité, and to encourage others to do the same. They wanted friends of our unique school to have the opportunity to help fund both scholarships and projects. Here are some examples of how donors, working with the Ecole foundation, have contributed to the success of our school in Hasliberg Goldern.


By contributing to scholarships, donors have directly supported pedagogy at the Ecole d’Humanité. Here, you can find an overview of the scholarships awarded over the past few school years.

By providing partial scholarships, donors make it possible for two boys and four girls from the USA, Russia, and Switzerland to become a part of the Ecole community.

Partial scholarships are granted to four students in the US- and three in the Swiss- school system.

Five girls and one boy are able to attend the Ecole d’Humanité thanks to partial scholarships from the Ecole Foundation.

Donors make it possible for five students with roots in Germany, Tajikistan, Croatia and Switzerland to attend the Ecole on scholarships.

Generous Ecole alumni combine their attendance at the alumni reunion with a contribution to the Reunion Scholarship Drive. As a result, the scholarship fund increases by more than a year’s tuition. In total, the fund supports seven students in the 2015-2016 school year.

As the result of a tragic earthquake in Nepal, entire neighborhoods in Kathmandu are virtually destroyed. The livelihoods of many families are threatened, and school buildings are ruined. At the Ecole, a girl from an affected family gains a new perspective as a scholarship recipient. She rapidly takes on responsibilities in the school community, including as the leader of the library group.

Thanks to donations to the scholarship fund, four students from Europe and Asia can be supported.

Thanks to the support of donors, 23 scholarship recipients from 10 different countries are able to attend the Ecole d’Humanité. A particularly generous donation from the parents of a former student substantially raises the amount of scholarship money available to the foundation. This gift is used directly for scholarships, so that this exceptional experience can be offered to a greater number of young people.

The core purpose of the foundation is and remains the awarding of scholarships. Thanks to the support of our donors, 7 scholarship recipients were able to study at the Ecole d'Humanité. Structural changes were also in the forefront this year: An important project was the transformation of the Ecole's structure into a modern one, making use of external expertise. Thanks to the extremely generous donation of a long time benefactor of the Ecole, this process could be started. The Foundation itself has also undergone changes: Our long-standing, highly esteemed member Alain Richard has retired from his position for reasons of age. Katja Braun and Leila Gisin now represent the Genossenschaft in the Foundation. And Benno Breitenmoser passed on the torch of management to Beatrice Gallin. Benno Breitenmoser will now contribute his experience as a member of the foundation board.

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2008 Ecole-Logical

The ambitious goals of the Ecole-Logical project are to reduce global warming through education, and concretely, to make the Ecole community CO2-neutral. Donors enable a collaboration with the Eco-center Langenbruck and provide the school with an external project manager. As part of this comprehensive undertaking, five students, one helper and three teachers use the 2009 intensive week to analyze the Ecole’s current insulation capacity. Armed with measuring devices, writing utensils and calculators, they measure the size of the windows and buildings of the Ecole d’Humanité, and evaluate the quality of the window insulation.

2013 Laundry Room

The father of a student understands that doing laundry can present something of a challenge for Ecole students. His generous donation enables the installation of industrial washing machines. These are operated independently by students.

2014 EcoLiteracy

The goal of EcoLiteracy is to increase students’ understanding of sustainability. They gain experience in the school gardens and learn about how sustainable practices relate to consumption and marketing. The Ecole foundation supports EcoLiteracy with a contribution and invites friends of the Ecole d’Humanité to do the same.

Thanks to many donors, our students become more literate about nature with EcoLiteracy!

2014 Band Room

A friend of the school provides several generous donations which enable the creation of a professional-grade band room. Students have the idea to renovate the old tank room in Max Cassirer Haus for this purpose. The room is measured by a sound professional and furnished with professional acoustic material, as well as with new instruments.

Students use the room for their weekly percussion lessons. New student-bands form regularly. Currently, the rockband, under the leadership of a Lebanese student, often treats the school community with expressive gigs.

2015 Learning Center

At the Learning Center, students and teachers from both school systems offer academic and organizational assistance. Student members of TASK (Team of Academic Support Kids) actively assist their peers in the learning process. When the Learning Center moves to the textile room, donors are able to cover the setup and operating costs.

2015 Fitness Room

The grateful family of a Russian student makes a donation toward the purchase of new fitness equipment. This equipment enables students to engage in both strength and general fitness training, targeting the whole body rather than just specific muscle groups. Ecole community members can now dedicate themselves to training that is more varied, functional, and holistic.

2015 Folk Dancing

Friends of the Ecole fund folk dancing classes with the experienced dance pedagogue Martin Wanzenried.

Folk dancing has been a beloved activity of many Ecole students for years. Whether it is planned or spontaneous, folk dancing simply belongs to the Ecole, and on the “Platz”.

When was the last time you did Fold Dancing with us at the Ecole? It is good for all ages and always remember that we love to dance with visitors!

2016 School Bus

Having traveled over 400,000 kilometers, our loyal red school bus retires in 2015. The families of 18 current Ecole students, along with two supportive foundations, allow for the purchase of a new, secure, and winter-appropriate school bus. This bus is used, amongst other things, for cultural excursions, outdoor activities, and external music and theater performances.

2018 Grosser Saal

The Grosser Saal is the heart of the Ecole d’Humanité and has been a central place in our school community for over 70 years. We gather here frequently to debate in Schulgemeinde, reflect in Andacht, and foster community in the Singgemeinde. This year, over 300 friends of the Ecole d’Humanité make the much needed renovation of the technical systems in the Grosser Saal possible. Thanks to these generous donors, we now have new high-caliber sound, light, and projection systems in place, all of which can easily be used by students.

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