Benefactors Fund

The Benefactors Fund is our main fund. As a benefactor, you support the Ecole d’Humanité with a financial contribution in reaching its educational goals. Your donation will be invested where it is most needed:

  • To cover tuition for students whose parents need support in covering tuition and fees.
  • To support activities and projects which contribute to fostering the pedagogic mission of the Ecole.
  • For projects supporting school infrastructure.

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Scholarship Fund

Your donation enables an Ecole education for students whose parents need support in covering tuition and fees. Scholarships contribute to our goal of social and cultural diversity within the student body. Besides individual donations, the scholarship fund is supplemented by the Benefactors Fund.

You can choose to donate toward tuition for a certain time period (i.e. for a month or a trimester of a school year). Our director is more than happy to provide advice about the different options. A donation of any amount would be welcome.

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Project Fund

The purpose of the Project Fund is to enable the realization of select, intensive projects. These projects have an ecological, cultural, or athletic theme. Students play an active role in planning and implementing the projects.

Here we will provide information about the latest projects that are supported by the Project Fund.

New Life for the Grosser Saal.

The Grosser Saal is the heart of the Ecole. Here Ecole life pulses and grows; here our community takes shape. Today we invite you to help bring new life to the Grosser Saal. The quality of our school is not based on the luxuries of gilded chalets, but rather on the intensity of the learning experiences that our teachers make possible for our students. Performing on stage is one such experience. We are proud of our rich tradition of theater, music and dance performances.

The quality of our school, however, is also grounded in the good-will of the people who consider themselves part of the Ecole community, and in the way they treat each other and their environment. There are good reasons for taking care of our community, and being open to people who would like to join our circle.

Our community needs spaces in which students can learn, grow and develop. The Grosser Saal is one of these places. Here our community comes together. For generations we have debated here during the School Assembly, sung together in the Singgemeinde, and enacted our welcoming and taking leave rituals. The Grosser Saal is truly the heart of our community. At the same time the Grosser Saal is a calling card for the Ecole. As part of our open culture, we like to receive guests. When we want to show these guest something special, we welcome them to the Grosser Saal.

Unfortunately the technical infrastructure of the Grosser Saal is antiquated. The sound system is over 25 years old. The projector and the theater lights are suffering from age-related defects. We want to correct this by replacing these technical systems.

The Ecole is close to your heart. Therefore we invite you to help give the Grosser Saal new life. With a donation of 10, 100, or 500 francs, you can join the circle of donors. You will contribute to continued growth and fulfilment right at the heart of the Ecole.

We thank you deeply for your valuable support.

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Donation in Kind

Please contact our director if you have the opportunity to support the Ecole with donations in kind or with discounted products.