People within the circle of the Ecole have cultivated a tradition of solidarity for generations. Many in the Ecole family wish to support the Ecole after they leave this life, and they include the Ecole in their final will. They may decide to contribute by means of a legacy and contribute to the continuation of unique education on the Hasliberg. There are good reasons for creating will in good time:

- Within legal regulations you are free to choose whom you would like to support.
- You can support specific people who are important to you.
- You establish clarity and avoid misunderstandings and conflict.
- You can support institutions whose goals you have helped to reach during your lifetime.
- With a legacy, you can decide the specific purpose of your support.
- If you make a unspecified legacy to the Ecole, the money will be invested where it is most needed to reach the pedagogic goals of the Ecole.
- The Ecole is exempt from inheritance tax.

Our director is more than happy to assist you with more information, and looks forward to discussing your questions free of commitment.